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Use TRV Sensor to control other smart devices

In the Summer my radiators are OFF.
I have portable fans and coolers in rooms where there is a TRV.

Its sensor still reads the temperature.
It would be amazing if TADO could link via IFTTT or a skill of some kind to a 3rd party app to control a smart plug and turn on those coolers during periods where the temperature is too hot.


Bedroom radiator detects 24 degrees
A setting in the Tado App has radiator to off but a link enabled to send a power on function to a smart switch (via a companion app) to run the portable fan in that room.

Alternatively Tado could introduce their own devices linked to existing Temperature.sensors or containing their own onboard sensor.
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  • Have a look at 'home assistant'. There's a tado plugin that makes ome info available and i think the temperature could be used to trigger a smart switch like a Sonoff, wired inline to the fan. In fact I think Sonoff has it's own app that might play with IFFT to make that work
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