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Graphical representation for global heating requiring of extension box

I have a room thermostat connected to an extension box and 3 radiator themostats. I can see the graphs for each device and when they require heating and how much (1,2 or 3 stripes). Some of them are overlapping and some are not. It would be nice for seeing a graph, a histogram perhaps, showing the intensity of the heating during the day.

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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭


    Not sure what you mean by overlapping - it can only be one level of heat or am I missing something?

  • During the day room1 shows 0,1,2 or 3 stripes fo heating. The smart thermostats in 3 other rooms have all their own smart shedule and for each of them in the graphs I can see 0-3 stipes. But there is not een easy way to see that at certain moments 2,3 of 4 of them require heating at the same time. It is not, because room1 shows 1 stripe and SRT2 shows 2 stripes that the heater is working at full power (3 stripes) because it's the same heating circuit. In fact, it's the extension box who receives through the internet gateway the commands for heating. This is not how much degrees, but how much power (temperature of water) is needed.

    So I should find it interesting to see a global representation, perhaps rather a historgram, of the reactions of the extension box and thus the heater during the day. In fact, saving energy must be done by the heater. Of course, Tado has not that information, but they have the information of the device that is commanding the heater and this is the extension box.

    If someone should see that 80% of the time the extension box is asking for full power, then he should look for the reason of this. I'm happy to say that, after switching from an old system to Tado this is certainly not the case with me.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Makes sense now - thanks for that - would be worthwhile.

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