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Special setting for bathrooms


I like warm towels after a shower or bath even in the summer. I currently have my bathroom TRV set to 21c at 6.30am for a 7.30ish shower and run on for 3 hours so they actually dry as well. If the detected room temp is 21 or higher and I put a wet towel on the radiator, or if the 21c is reached 5 minutes after coming on for example it would never warm them prior to showering or continue to dry them when finished.

I think a great improvement would be an 'always heat' option, per device/zone, which basically ignores the room temp (even in away mode)

I'm in the UK so absolutely zero chance of ambiently warmed or dried towels even the summer! 😀

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  • @ldoodle

    I believe some people put heated towel rails on the same circuit as their hot water tank rather than their heating circuit. This might give a similar result.

    I am considering simply not having a TRV on the heated towel rail so whenever any room calls for heat it will get some.

  • I don't have a HWT.

    The 'problem' with the 2nd option is it will never come on in the summer, because no where else will have a need for heat.

  • Just upgraded to Auto Assist; I do have a fan in the bathroom ceiling but I also crack the window.... and with Auto Assist the bathroom rad automatically gets turned off!

    Something is absolutely needed to override/ignore Away Mode/Auto Assist in these cases!

  • My radiator is linked in to the hot water tank and has a TADO TRV on it - I just turn the valve manually, or up the temperature for an hour or two on the app, to get towels dried .

  • Yeah as I said my rad is on the heating as I don't have HWT. Even if I did, re-plumbing it would cost way more than I'm supposedly going to save with Tado 🤣

    Doesn't what you're doing kind of defeat the automated purposes, especially from Auto Assist. This would be easy to fix by having a setting per-zone like 'Follow Schedule Only', because I want my bathroom to only come on and off because of its schedule. Not because of away mode, or open window, or current room temp.

  • You can already do that!
    Go to ‘smart schedule’, click on a time block, click ‘advanced’, disable ‘location based control’
    You might have to do this for all time blocks in that room
  • Idoodle you can turn off Window Detection for individual Radiators.
  • Thanks for the replies. I have since seen those options but still nothing about ignoring ambient temperature.

    So I'd like to see an 'Always on' mode that ignores ambient temperature along with open window detection and location based control without having to set those 2 options independently.

  • @ldoodle

    Another option but likely also unsuitable as I get the impression you already have one plumbed in, would be to get an electric heated towel rail and control it with a timer.

    You are quite right that if a (plumbed) heated towel rail is on the radiator circuit it will not come on in summer. However ambient heat in the summer would be enough to dry the towel in a reasonably time even if it does not result in a nice toasty warm feeling.

    I think the other suggestions people have made of turning off open window detection and location control for this radiator are the best we are going to get and I in fact will consider using these myself. You could set the target temperature higher for this individual radiator as well and that would help ensure it comes on.

  • First of all, sorry for my english.
    A solution could be use IFTTT app (it's free). Create an applet to set the temperature of the bathroom to 25° (max) if the humidity of that room rises above 60-65° for example. you should check the "normal" humidity level and the level when you take a shower to calibrate it...
    Try it ;)
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