Last night I checked on my latest addition's settings only to notice two rooms were Offline.

The Landing showed offline as per the photo, and again at 2:46 this morning.

The Conservatory showed offline at the same times, but when checking the stats, it wasn't actually offline, so the app was wrong.

The Landing is actually the second closest device to the Bridge, is only maybe 8 feet away as the crow flies and with only plasterboard ceiling and floorboards in the way.

I have to assume it was an internal issue as my other two "Rooms" were online, what could have done this? Everything brought itself back online, and its all online now. So does this happen, is what I am experiencing normal?

With the random boiler firing happening over the weekend, I have to question; is Tado really this flaky, have I made a mistake choosing them?

(I tried contacting customer support about the random oiler firing, but they wanted me to pull my boiler apart to photograph the wiring when I am not an electrician.)


  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @SteveIreland,

    I don't know if this is helpful to you, but having had a look at your backend, all devices were recorded as online and, in fact, the only connectivity issues I could see occurred from 23.04-11.06.

    I see in the image you've uploaded that the date listed is 07.05. Could it be that the connectivity issue occurred between April and June (when there seem to have indeed been connectivity issues), not in the last days?