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Manage the maximum radiator temperature from the app

I have a Daikin central heating system connected with the opentherm standard to my tado thermostat. When the boiler is connected using the opentherm standard there is no way to control the maximum radiator temperature within the app or from the Bolier. The problem is that, in a condensation system radiator temperature should not be over 55 degrees in order for the system to work economically, but there are situations when the temperature should be raised above this value if the winter is very cold. At this moment, tado helped me set the maximum temperature to the 55 degrees value, but is no way I can change it manually, so it would be very useful to have a setting for this value from within the app. Thank you, and I really hope this feature will be implemented in the near future.
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  • This is a very record failure of Tado. It is supposed to be an intelligent system that allows you to optimize your system, which also communicates in OpenTherm and does not allow you to stipulate a climate curve to regulate the maximum impulse temperature of the radiators.

    Since winter has begun I notice that the radiators are overheated.

    I am very disappointed. I have just discovered this and the only solution is to install Tado as a relay system (the boiler is capable of adjusting the impulsion temperature by means of an optional external probe that I have installed), and lose the advantage of having a modulating boiler. Besides not being able to control the hot water.

    As a note I will say that the thermostat of the mixma brand of the boiler (Baxi) that costs 50 euros allows to adjust the climatic curve.

    I was very happy with the Tado system, and I was recommending it to my friends and family, but this has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I think Tado should implement a climate curve adjustment.

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    Hi, I have an underfloor heating system and I'm having the same problem, I'm using the extension kit to manage my boiler heating temperature with opentherm but I'm very disappointed to see that it sets the range from 0 to max temperature (85 °C) and there is no otpion to set max temperature manually.

    I have exactly the system configuration number 2 in this article https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3482224-how-does-tado-control-underfloor-heating-systems

    They talk about underfloor systems and they don't give to us max temperature control. I can't understand how such a simple option can be missing when you are able to set max temperature for hot water.

    Anyway, how did you set the temperature with the help of tado? Every time I have change do I have to ask TADO help?

    I want to be able to change the temperature of my boiler to my pleasure and this should be a maximum priority feature.

    For now I had do disconnect the extension kit from my boiler to gain control of the heating temperature again.

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