No Remote Access - Batteries Low ?? 🤔

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Hi All,
I had an intermittent issue with one of my Tado SRT's last week which was resolved when I replaced the batteries...... 👍✔️
I then checked the heating activity graph for my other SRT's to find that the device in the conservatory was also suffering "No Remote Access" issues (mostly during the night).......
However when I counted up the number of "drop outs" I found that I had 18 in about 8 days......sometimes 4 or 5 times in a day. I have now ordered new batteries (which arrive today)......
However, annoyingly, no Notification was sent to advise on the "No Remote Access" or "Low Battery" plus there was no indication in "Care & Protect"..........granted the Conservatory room tile showed "No Remote Access" but this is only visible if you open the App at the time that the device is you can open the App and see nothing if the device has "reconnected", so a Notification sent would draw your attention to the issue.
I suspect that as the outside temperature drops overnight the batteries output drops below an acceptable connectivity threshold, which appears to be above the "Low Battery Warning" threshold......
I will replace the device batteries later today and will update this thread.
Anyone else think that they are suffering the same thing.


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    @GrayDav4276 I had a strange issue myself yesterday morning potentially related to this.

    My kitchen is situated furthest from the bridge and when I first installed radiator thermostats a little over a year ago I was suffering connection dropouts from this device. I remedied this by using extra long USB and ethernet cables and mounting the bridge high on a wardrobe pointing towards the kitchen.

    Connection was then rock solid. I had a low battery warning notification and an email for this device around a month or so ago (which I was impressed by). Changed the batteries and all was good again.

    Then yesterday morning I awoke to find a cold kitchen radiator. Checked the app, and no remote access. Checked the graph and that device had repeatedly disconnected on and off for hours at a time all night. It can't have been low battery as they've only just been changed. Bridge position hasn't changed either.

    I unmounted, pulled and reinserted the batteries, and remounted the device. It immediately reconnected. It had one very short dropout mid morning yesterday but has been ok since. Lasted fine all of last night too, which was just as cold here as the night before.

    It's got me stumped. Frustratingly, it's also now causing me to check the app a lot more now as I cannot trust that it will stay connected. A simple notification that a device has disconnected would surely help here.
  • @cbd20
    I will update you on my "issue" once I have replaced the batteries.......
    Your comments are interesting 🤔
    Incidentally, I've never had to move my IB from the table right next to my router.....just lucky with the original position I guess 🙏
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    @GrayDav4276 yeah my house is a slightly odd shape. It's 3 floors and quite long, but the radiators upstairs have no issue connecting. The kitchen on the same floor as the bridge but at the opposite end of the house is the other side of a number of very thick walls, and I suspect it's this that's caused me the problem in the past, albeit I thought I had resolved this.

    Out of interest, I confess to not knowing a huge amount about battery specifics, but does anyone know the reason why for disposable batteries tado only recommend alkaline batteries and not lithium batteries? From a novice perspective lithium batteries would last a whole lot longer, so there must be something I'm not understanding.
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    @cbd20 The voltage performance of alkaline batteries when compared to lithium and rechargeable batteries are very different. I believe that although lithium batteries last longer, their voltage drops drastically at the end of their useful life compared to alkaline. This therefore can defeat the safety shutdown feature in some devices and create more issues.

  • Hi All,

    I've now changed the batteries in my Conservatory SRT

    I've used the newest version of Duracell Optimum AA's (200% Extra Life / Extra Power)

    SRT calibrated quickly and is operating as expected........onwards & upwards 😎

  • I had connection issues with 2 of my radiators on 2 different evenings this week. One of them had brand new batteries. No idea what caused it.. they've been running fine for well over a year
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    Hi All,

    So, just a bit of an update on this......over the previous 3 days I've had.....

    Wed: 6 drop outs - Thur: 7 drop outs - Fri: 4 drop outs until battery change.......since battery change: "NO MORE DROP OUTS"

    Also my other SRT that had previously suffered random drop outs .......batteries were changed and "NO MORE DROP OUTS"

    All my other SRT's may need to have replacement batteries over the winter period.......but at least I'm prepared 🤞😎

    I'm really quite disappointed tho' that I didn't receive any "low battery" notifications from Tado......and nothing was ever reported by "Care & Protect" as a central heating system fault.........

  • @GrayDav4276 I haven’t had a low battery notification once in the last 3 years. They used to work just fine, but now reduced to waking up in the morning to a non-functioning heating system. Still using the same Duracell alkaline batteries, so nothing has changed at my end.

  • Hi @GrilledCheese2

    Yeah I understand, but I have to say that I've been a bit lucky, as the majority of my (recent) drop outs have been overnight on devices that were set to a very low temperature no "hot rooms" or " cold rooms" rooms were a conservatory and my bathroom. Also as my conservatory was an "Independent" SRT, when it "dropped out" there were no other SRT's calling for heat, therefore the boiler was not actually firing.

    I have had my system for almost 18 mths and in that time I have only had 1 LBW notification and that was many months ago.

  • Hi All,
    It appears that my "No Remote Access" issue has been fixed by my new batteries.
    No more drop outs since the new batteries were installed.
    Maybe Tado needs to adjust the "Low Battery" detection point for notifications.