Make the size of the current temperature in the Room Screen bigger

On the room screen, why have Tado made the current room temperature in the room so small that (some of us with poorer eyesight) cannot see what the inside temperature is before moving the scale? this is in the top left of the screen and it’s been blocked out on the above picture.

please can Tado make the current room temperature bigger to assist setting the room temperature?

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  • It boggles the mind to wonder what Tado was thinking when they chose their miniature font sizes compounded with colour choices like white on yellow. At 59 years, even with specs on, it is a bit of a squinting exercise. Yet 3/4 of each room tile is empty space. Who on earth would think that was a good idea?

    Sure, I could increase font size on Android, except no other app requires such steps and to do so just for Tado would mess up everything else.

  • Hi Both,

    This has been "requested" of Tado,ever since they started to make the changes to these App would "assume" that this would be an extremely easy thing to achieve......but for some reason......Tado are really dragging their feet with this absolutely necessary alteration.

    Come on @Jurian and co......

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    @GrayDav4276 @rich4792 @eezytiger

    Definitely a step backward comparing to previous layout / GUI.

    This must be re-designed for sure!

  • As I recently received an email from Tado entitled Feature release recap 2021 where it celebrated the redesign as follows:

    "Improvements to the Room Screen now make it even easier to adjust the temperature and set the duration of your manual control. We also added a Resume Schedule button under the temperature slider. This lets you easily switch from manual control settings back to your Smart Schedule."

    I doubt that they will be changing it anytime soon.

  • Unfortunately @what_a_tado
    I think that you are absolutely correct, I can't see Tado "correcting" such a glaringly stupid mistake.
    The text size is too small for some of the information to be easily read.
    I genuinely can't understand why it should be so difficult to achieve.
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    Finally I can see my Tado° !

  • I'm loving it......brilliant 🤣😂😎